Antique, Classic & Customized Auto Insurance

Classic Car Insurance Requirements

Generally speaking, cars are considered antique once they are 20 years old. Classic and antique cars should be restored, maintained, and preserved or be in the active process of restoration. To qualify for classic or antique car insurance, a car must be used on a limited basis for events like car shows, parades, antique car club activities, exhibitions and be garage kept.

Custom cars are another breed. They are defined as having been modified with after-market features to make them more one-of-a-kind. These cars may have custom paint jobs, expensive wheels, and other alterations to make them unique.

Classic Car Insurance

Valuation of a Classic Car

While traditional auto insurance will use a "book value" to determine the value of a car based on make, model, age, and mileage, classic car insurance can be purchased at a predetermined value that will cover the replacement costs of the vehicle. There are also specialized pricing guides that can be used to help determine value.

Classic Car Insurance Companies

Depending on your vehicle you will want to make sure it is appropriately insured. You should not assume your classic car will be covered by traditional auto insurance because you may require specialized antique car insurance, classic car insurance, or custom car insurance. At WSMT, we are pleased to help with specialty car insurance from a variety of insurance providers to meet your specific needs.

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We know several companies that specialize in custom car insurance products to help meet your needs. We can get you coverage on everything from Motel T's and late sixties, to early seventies Muscle Cars, and even unique automobile like Edsel's and Pacers. Let us know where your passion lies. Contact WSMT and let us use our established relationships with insurance companies to accurately pair you with the best one to fit your insurance needs.