Commercial Package Policy

As a business owner, you have enough on your plate without having to think about your insurance coverage options. We're here to simplify the process. Whether you're researching commercial insurance for the first time or looking to switch from another provider to a more comprehensive commercial package, WSMT Insurance can help.

Why Should You Get a Commercial Package Policy?

A commercial package policy combines a few crucial types of business insurance to simplify the buying process for you and your company. The typical commercial package policy includes coverage like general liability insurance, property coverage, and commercial umbrella coverage. It can also include features like equipment breakdown insurance, inland marine coverage, and other options that apply to your business's specific needs.

A commercial package policy simplifies the buying process for you, because it bundles the coverage options you need. It's less paperwork and less decision fatigue. The best part? A package policy often saves you a significant amount of money compared to what you'd spend if you purchased each type of coverage separately.

How Does it Work?

As with other types of commercial business insurance, a commercial package policy starts with a phone call or email. We'll talk to you about your company, the way you operate, and the type of services or products you provide. We can then put together a quote including the types of coverage you need and any additional categories you might want to add on – like business interruption insurance or cyber liability coverage.

Contact WSMT to Customize a Commercial Package Policy for Your Business

WSMT works with businesses of all shapes and sizes. Whether you're a small enterprise trying to get off the ground or a large, established company, we'd love to talk to you about your insurance coverage. We’ll see if we can save you money – while offering protection for all of your hard work and investments.

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Commercial Package Policy