Farm and Ranch Insurance

If you own a farm or ranch in Maryland, you probably know how challenging it can be to find the perfect combination of insurance coverage to fit your unique needs. As a landowner or renter on a farm or ranch, you need broad coverage that's flexible enough to protect your equipment, land, personal property, farm property, buildings, and other structures. WSMT Insurance specializes in working with farmers and ranchers to build the custom policies you need to stay protected.

What Types of Coverage do Farmers and Ranchers Need?

The types of coverage needed for farms and ranches varies widely; it depends on the resources, structures, equipment, and even animals present on each property. These are a few of the most common coverage options for farmers and ranchers in the Maryland area:

  • Coverage for the farmhouse and its contents (much like a homeowner's policy)
  • Property insurance for items belonging to the farm (such as farming equipment)
  • Coverage for farm and ranch structures like barns, silos, storage sheds, and other buildings
  • Liability protection to cover visitors to the farm or ranch
Why Is it Important to Have Coverage?

One disaster is all it takes to devastate a farm or a ranch in today's market. Therefore, it makes sense to protect your investment with a broad, adaptable insurance policy that gives you the coverage you need for your specific assets, buildings, and risks. Many farm and ranch owners also opt to invest in ATV insurance (if relevant) as well as business owner's coverage.

Keep Your Farm or Ranch Protected with WSMT Insurance

Whether you're looking for farm insurance, ranch insurance, or something in between, WSMT has you covered. We'd love to talk to you about your property and help you put together a policy that will keep your investments protected. Contact us today to get started.

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