Motorcycle Insurance

Hitting the road on two wheels this year? If you're not 100% confident that your current insurance policy gives you all the coverage you need, it may be time to look a little deeper. Motorcycle insurance is designed specifically for bikers with their own unique risks and concerns that other motorized vehicles don't face. Though it's similar to auto insurance, a motorcycle insurance policy offers the most comprehensive protection for you and your bike, no matter what the road has in store.

Why is Motorcycle Coverage Important?

Maybe you hardly ever hop on your bike, or you only use it for a short local commute. No matter how infrequently you go for a spin, it's crucial to make sure you're fully covered. One accident could set you back thousands and completely total your bike. A comprehensive motorcycle policy adds peace of mind to every ride by protecting you against out-of-pocket expenses. Motorcycle insurance – specifically, liability coverage – is also required to be street legal in every U.S. state.

What Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover?

Every policy is a little different, so you'll want to discuss your specific concerns with an agent and go over your policy in detail when you're shopping around. Most bike insurance policies have coverage provisions including:

  • Replacement Coverage- The details of this will vary depending on the amount of coverage you purchase, but in general it will allow you to replace your bike if it's totaled in a crash.
  • Accessories and Custom Parts Coverage- If you customize your bike, you know how pricey – and carefully-curated – all those pieces are. Talk to your agent about any customizations you have that you want covered.
  • >Liability - This typically includes bodily injury and property liability insurance, which protects you if you cause damage to someone else’s property or cause injury to another person.
  • Medical Coverage- This type of coverage pays for your medical bills (and a passenger's, if you have one) if you get into an accident.
  • Comprehensive and Collision Coverage- These options pay for damage caused by collision, vandalism, theft, or other covered risks. Your deductible for these coverages will depend on the policy options you choose.

Choose WSMT Insurance for Your Motorcycle Insurance Needs

There are a lot of coverage options to choose from. So whether you want the most affordable policy to keep you street legal or a comprehensive policy to give yourself the most protection possible, you can select the options that work best for you and your budget. Feel free to call or stop by WSMT today to find out more about your motorcycle insurance coverage options and get a quote. We're here to help you protect what matters most.

Motorcycle Insurance in Maryland