Scheduled Personal Property Insurance

For many homeowners, scheduled personal property insurance is essential. It's the best way to make sure your valuables and most prized possessions stay protected – and to guarantee that those belongings don’t fall through the gaps that standard homeowners insurance or umbrella insurance coverage may leave behind.

Wondering if scheduled personal property insurance is right for you? WSMT Insurance is here to help.

What is Scheduled Personal Property Insurance?

Scheduled personal property refers to anything you own that's carefully inventoried and listed – and scheduled personal property insurance covers these items up to a set limit. Like flood insurance, this policy is usually an add-on to homeowners insurance or renters insurance. Standard personal insurance coverage for homeowners usually only insures certain categories of possessions to a maximum amount. Jewelry and electronics, for instance, are typically only covered up to $2,000 under a standard policy. And it doesn't take much high-end jewelry (or computer equipment) to exceed those maximums. With scheduled personal property insurance, you can increase the coverage limits on your valuable possessions, including art, antiques, firearms, coin collections, and more.

In addition to increasing coverage limits, scheduled personal property insurance can provide broader protection for your items – covering them from a greater number of risks. Scheduled personal property insurance also protects your items off-premises. For example, if you lose your wedding ring while at the beach, it will still be covered.

Why Is Coverage Important?

It's not uncommon for homeowners to put all of their trust in a standard insurance policy – and then be sorely disappointed when it doesn't cover as much as they expected. At WSMT, we recommend taking an inventory of all your valuable items (and getting appraisals, if necessary). Making sure they're insured for as much as they're worth – and that they’re covered from risks on and off your property – can be the difference between a small bump in the road and a devastating loss.

Protect Your Prized Possessions with WSMT

If you're considering adding scheduled personal property insurance to your existing policy, don't hesitate to give WSMT a call. Our expert team will help you create the perfect insurance package.

Scheduled Personal Property Insurance